Blue Lake National Park

The park comprises a freshwater lake in the Island inland. A 4WD is not needed. Access is back through Dunwich then across the island for about 10km. There is a carpark at the entry and the return walk to the lake is about 6km but fairly easy and pleasant walking through the bushland past Turtle lagoon. The Lake is a beautiful sight and is a window lake meaning it is part of the natural water table appearing at the surface. It is safe and suitable for swimming.

Brown Lake

This is another beautiful lake so named for its lovely golden brown water caused by the tannins from tea tree and other species. It is located on the road to Blue Lake and easily accessed. It has car parking, swimming, picnic areas and toilets. It is ideal for exploring by rubber dingy or canoe and well worth a visit.

North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum

The museum is located in Welsby Street Dunwich. It is a fascinating small museum with many displays and artifacts of aboriginal and European history. It is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-2pm and Sunday 11am-3pm.